There's more to my life than just the wrecking ball. I also crush cars into cubes. And on the side I promote local tough man contests.” - Bart Simpson

I enjoy complaining about things on the internet. For many years, I've been complaining about Zombie Simpsons at A few years ago, I tried to broaden my complaints and get others to join in my reindeer games at Sadly, that project failed. Someday it may live again, but for now I complain here.

Minibook length complaints are available for sale directly and through Amazon. Since we live in the future, they are also free to read at this site.

J.J. Abrams Is Bad at Movies (2016)

Tapped In: How EA Combined The Simpsons with Video Gambling to Make $130 Million (and counting) (2014)

Zombie Simpsons: How the Best Show Ever Became the Broadcasting Undead (2012)

I can be reached through e-mail @deadhomersociety with gmail. (<- chew on that, spam bots)

I can also be reached via Twitter @deadhomers (Simpsons stuff) or @csweatpants (everything else).