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"Jeeze, Morty, purge it down a little." — Rick Sanchez
"Purge? Don’t purge! You’re sending me mixed messages, Rick!" — Morty Smith

Top Line: Purge 3 is a delightful slice of R-rated cheese. Like its two predecessors, it's got lots of crazy violence, plenty of creepy bad guys, a comfortably adult attitude towards blood and carnage, and an enjoyably dark sense of humor that keeps everything fun. The above trailer is in no way misleading.

Who (probably) should see this movie: People who liked the first two Purge movies.

Who (probably) should not see this movie: People who didn't like or haven't seen the first two Purge movies. 

Box Score:

Runtime - 1h:45m - And quick about it. The story moves fast and nothing feels like filler.

Actual Start - Showtime + 21 Minutes - Ugh. Seven trailers is excessive enough, but the trailers themselves didn't even begin until four minutes past the listed start time.

Fourth of July Morning Demographics: ~15 people

Anything After the End Credits: Nope.
MPAA - R - Rated R for disturbing bloody violence and strong language 

What It’s Got:  Pretty much that. Though it's always worth pointing out that the MPAA only ever considers violence "disturbing" (or R worthy) when there's blood. This movie's got a pretty healthy body count, but it's less than a lot of recent PG-13 tentpoles.

Should Be Rated: PG-14
Studio: Universal

Production Companies With Fancy, Pre-Credits CGI Logos: 

  • Blumhouse Productions: A creepy room in a creepy house.
  • Platinum Dunes: Just gliding over the sand as usual. Feels like they've had this one for a while.
Three Stars:
  1. Mykelti Williamson: Sgt. Drucker chews his way through all the scenery they give him. It's glorious.
  2. Betty Gabriel: A reformed badass who can still fuck people up when she has to.
  3. Elizabeth Mitchell: She plays the Presidential candidate on the run, so she's got to do everything from defend herself to comfort other people to get kidnapped, and Mitchell handles all of it well.
Worth Seeing In Theater (Baseline: 2):
  • +2 Genuinely good movie.
  • +2 There's something fun about seeing these movies in a darkened room with your fellow Americans.
  • -1 There's not much that's going to look better on a big screen than a TV.

Final Score: 5

Worth Seeing Eventually (Baseline: 5):
  • +5 if you liked the first two.

Final Score: 5 (if you haven't seen the first two) or 10 (if you did and liked 'em)

Bechdel (Baseline: 5):
  • +5 Passes fairly easily and has quite a few memorable female parts (villainous and otherwise)

Final Score: 10

IMDb Sez:



Rotten Tomatoes Sez:

All Critics: 54% Top Critics: 65% Audience: 64%


  • Fuck those scores. All of them are insultingly low. I'm not terribly surprised at the critics, but I'm shocked that the audience score isn't higher. The first one (just 36%) and the second one (56%) are low as hell, too. Did you people not realize what kind of movie you were going to see?
  • Williamson gets many of the best lines as he plays a cranky deli owner who got sucked into this whole assassination plot, including, "It's Purge night, you don't sneak up on black people!".
  • Her part isn't big enough to include above, but Brittany Mirabile deserves special mention as a psychotic Purge junkie who flips back and forth between sweet and menacing on a dime. This is only her second IMDb credit. Please someone get her some more roles. She's great.
  • C'mon, you don't want to see a person in a giant teddy bear costume get blasted with a shotgun?
  • There's a sword fight!
  • This movie has the best use of "Party in the USA" since Pitch Perfect.
  • The bad guys are rich white people, the NRA, and insurance companies. This is truly a movie for our times.
  • After all seven (7!) trailers comes the little reminder not to look at your phone. That's fine, except that now it's sponsored by Coke. Jebus, the ads are everywhere.

Bottom Line: Purge 3 is a Purge movie. Like the first two, it starts with people preparing for the annual night per year when all crime is legal. Then the Purge starts and those people's carefully laid plans go awry in entertainingly violent ways. Like Purge 2, Purge 3 is more of a "city survival" scenario than a "home invasion" story (there is, of course, still a home invasion), though in this case we're running through the streets of D.C. instead of L.A., and in place of random strangers, one of our little band is a Senator who's running for President as an anti-Purge candidate. Needless to say, the delightfully evil and kooky New Founding Fathers try to kill her on Purge night.

In addition to that, we've got Mykelti Williamson's deli owner, Betty Gabriel driving around in a kind of un-official Red Cross van trying to help people, and a full blown resistance movement there to assassinate the pro-Purge leadership at their annual creepy church human sacrifice ceremony. Against them we've got random Purgers (including South African murder-tourists), a team of mercenaries chasing the Senator, and the rich, white Republican ghouls who started the Purge in the first place. Plus there's the usual assortment of background horror and violence that gives these movies such atmosphere.

In short, if you liked the first two Purge movies, you will probably like this one. The franchise is strong, and Purge 3 is a worthy addition.


Movies Deemed Commercially and Demographically Similar Enough to Merit Trailers Before Purge 3:

The Infiltrator - Bryan Cranston plays an undercover drug cop in the 80s. Worryingly, this is one of those dumb drug war movies that's loosely based on a real story.

The Woods - There's a supernatural evil in the forest. Yawn.

Lights Out - There's a supernatural evil that doesn't like it when the lights are on. Also yawn. This movie is so similar to the one above that both of them feature breathy covers of famous songs. The trailer for The Woods goes with Sting's "Every Breath You Take", this one uses Buffalo Springfield's "Something Happening Here".

Don't Breathe - A horror movie where some kids try to rob a blind guy who turns out to be super strong and a serial killer or something. This looks promising if somewhat one-dimensional.

Before I Wake - A kid has a supernatural power where his dreams come true and some ancient evil stalks him. Feh.

Kevin Hart: What Now? - Kevin Hart did a stand up special at a football stadium. Now you can see it in theaters.

Ouija: Origin of Evil - At first I thought this trailer was promising. It starts with a family seance con business. Then the real ghosts show up. I realize most people don't share my general disdain for supernatural horror movies, but seeing trailers for four of them all at once like this really demonstrates how cookie cutter they all are.